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SupaSlackas (Dyemond Lewis & Swank Master Raw) | Slackas Stop Slackin! #AWGUView Post
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Mucho sin escuchar de los chicos de PRO ERA pero esta ves sueltan la rola “No Fucks Given" que va a cargo de Dyemond Lewis junto a Swankmaster Raw …
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Hajiya Aisha does her first selfie in Kano, Northern Nigeria back in February 2014. So glad to know so many stellar Hausa ladies who are fighting the good fight when Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram wants to keep girls out of school and tear apart the north. Photo by @glennagordon 
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This shuka (traditional cloth/fabric worn by the Maasai) became my safety blanket while being sick, while driving on scary/rough roads, and while having an emotional breakdown in the mountains. One day I wore it traditionally to fetch water and the women at the community water tank had a debate over whose brother/cousin/son I should marry.😐 (at Nairobi, Kenya)

(i’m moving to Nairobi!)